Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

My name is Fred Dahr, and I am a Houston-based criminal defense lawyer. For more than 10 years, I have won dismissals, not-guilty verdicts, and other exceptional results for clients facing criminal charges.

I defend misdemeanors and felonies in state and federal court as well as Appeals, Habeas Corpus, and Clearing Record Cases. For every case I work on, I believe in fully investigating and testing the State’s evidence. I believe in tracking down helpful defense evidence. I believe in being accessible to the client to answer questions and explain legal concepts. I believe in never accepting a plea bargain when a case can be beaten. I believe in trying cases to a jury. I believe in being totally committed to marshaling every legal and factual defense to provide the best result.

An arrest is stressful. Whether you are facing a serious felony charge, or you are a professional or student worried about the effect of a criminal charge on your career, I provide intelligent and proactive advocacy.

Exceptional Results

I have won not-guilty verdicts in theft, DWI, assault, sexual assault, assault family violence, and aggravated assault cases.  I have earned pretrial dismissals in several other types of cases including computer crimes, drug possession, aggravated robbery, and weapons cases.

I have also been successful in overturning convictions through writs of habeas corpus. Actions speak louder than words – feel free to read my recent criminal case results here.

Come Talk To Me

The best way to hire an attorney is to tell them about your case and ask their strategy in defending it.  If you are looking to hire a criminal defense attorney, feel free to call my office to schedule an in-person consultation. You can explain your charges and I will explain how I would defend your case. 713.487.7575

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