Aggravated Robbery

Aggravated Robbery With A Deadly Weapon

Aggravated Robbery With A Deadly WeaponAggravated robbery with a deadly weapon is a first degree felony. The punishment range is five to 99 years in prison. Deferred Adjudication is also a possible punishment.

The D.A. treats aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon extremely seriously.  Most prosecutors will start plea negotiations with a lengthy prison sentence.

The Law on Aggravated Robbery in Texas

Aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon is basically using or exhibiting a deadly weapon in the course of committing a theft.

A deadly weapon is typically a firearm or a knife. However, Texas courts have defined deadly weapon broadly, as anything that can cause serious bodily injury in its use.

Another important consideration with aggravated robbery deadly weapon is that if the defendant is sentenced to prison, he must serve one-half of his sentence to be eligible for parole.

Defending an Aggravated Robbery Case

Every aggravated robbery case is different. Usually, we start with evaluating the eyewitnesses. How many people if any saw the alleged robbery? Sometimes an eyewitness identifies the wrong person.

We will also want to know what other evidence if any links the accused to the crime.

Sometimes if there are multiple defendants, there may be a “mere presence” defense.

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